TrueLiquid: The Next-Generation TMS Purpose-Built for Tanker Fleets

Liquid bulk shipping is one of the most complex and demanding sectors of the transportation and logistics industry. Tanker fleets must continually find ways to operate more efficiently and smarter to move high-value and potentially hazardous cargo safely and profitably over the road.

Load planning is a central strategy for accomplishing this need. With the right tools, fleets of any size can quickly identify and execute optimal strategies to eliminate wasted time and miles, prevent cross-contamination, and provide customers with better service with automated communications and real-time shipment visibility.

TrueLiquid is an all-new transportation management system (TMS) tailored to tanker fleets. The powerful and intuitive platform channels the complexities of load planning in a single solution to surge forward at full steam.

Developed by industry experts at TrueTMS, TrueLiquid brings never-before-seen features to load planning. This article explains how tanker fleets can move past outdated technology and unresponsive vendors with a modern, user-friendly TMS that simplifies and optimizes liquid logistics. 

The Liquid Gold Standard

TrueLiquid has a host of exclusive features to manage the complexities of liquid cargo:

  • Interactive trailer diagrams give users a digital blueprint of available equipment to optimally match customer orders based on volume, commodity, and load compartment requirements.
  • Proactive load planning that identifies the most cost-effective routing options for fuel and other commodities. The system puts loads on driver schedules based on resource locations and availability.
  • Real-time ELD integrations give visibility to driver hours to optimally match available drivers to loads for safe, on-time deliveries.
  • Customer portals allow customers to enter orders electronically and provide full transparency from initial tender to final delivery. 

These and other purpose-built capabilities of TrueLiquid set the gold standard for optimizing the efficiency, service, and safety of liquid loads.

One Platform, Total Control

TrueLiquid ends the costly exercise of juggling disjointed systems and using makeshift spreadsheets. It gives tanker fleets an all-in-one fleet management platform with essential tools for dispatching and tracking assets, drivers, and loads.

Additionally, the new platform expedites the flow of data and documents to track demurrage and accessorial charges and streamline other accounting and compliance tasks. Customers can view documents for each order, such as bills of lading and scale tickets, immediately online after drivers capture scanned documents with a TrueLiquid app.

There’s even multi-division support for fleets to operate tankers alongside other equipment such as dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers. As a unified command center, TrueLiquid gives dispatchers and managers unprecedented visibility and control of their operations to reduce waste and simplify fleet administration while boosting coordination across departments.

Down with Downtime

Some TMS platforms for liquid shipping have been put on life support by their developers, leaving fleets stranded with outdated tech. TrueLiquid is a much-needed lifeline from this frustrating fate.

With a cloud-based SaaS architecture, TrueLiquid ensures regular deliveries of new features and upgrades. With TrueTMS on your side, you’ll never be stranded with outdated modules and features, nor will you pay extra to access new features or pause your operations for disruptive version updates. 

The platform evolves with you to meet emerging technology and business demands, ensuring you always have access to the latest innovations without added costs or headaches.

True Partnership, True Results

With TrueLiquid, you’re not just getting software – you’re joining a team.

Our liquid logistics experts work closely with you from onboarding to implementation. You’ll have a dedicated account manager to answer questions, provide training, and ensure you extract maximum value from the platform.

This white-glove guidance is crucial to smoothly transition from existing technology to experience immediate and lasting success. The TrueTMS team stands ready 24/7 to quickly resolve any issues so your operations run at full speed ahead.

Liquid Gold for Your Bottom Line

With TrueLiquid, tanker fleets can stop profits dripping away by ensuring all load planning variables are accounted for and supported with tools to achieve optimal daily results in the following areas:

Productivity: The system’s intuitive load planning and dispatching ensures your assets and staff maintain a steady, efficient workflow.

Asset utilization: Minimize empty miles between loads.

Revenue: Efficient load planning unlocks capacity, and customer portals make it easier for customers to do business with you.

Cost savings: Automation of manual processes reduces overhead and administrative burdens.

Safety and compliance: Accurate load planning helps prevent loading errors that lead to cargo contamination or non-compliance.

Your Fleet’s Future is Fluid

What started as a vision by the experts at TrueTMS to create an all-in-one platform tailored to liquid shipping has been realized. TrueLiquid meets tanker fleets’ present and future needs as a modern, all-in-one TMS that can handle ever-growing complexities in load planning and other facets.

The results speak for themselves. Are you ready to experience cutting-edge, hassle-free technology for liquid shipping? If you’re using an outdated or inflexible system, why wait for your current vendor to develop a massive update? That day may never come. Instead, you can experience the benefits of next-generation fleet management technology today.

TrueLiquid is purpose-built to streamline tanker fleet operations and focus your resources on growth and delivering exemplary service. To learn more about the liquid logistics revolution and discuss your fleet’s needs, contact the TrueTMS team at today!