TrueTMS Launches TrueLiquid Ecosystem for Tanker Fleets

MELBOURNE, Fla. – March 12, 2024 – TrueTMS, a leading provider of transportation management systems (TMS), today announced the launch of TrueLiquid, an affordable, modern, cloud-based TMS designed specifically for tanker fleets to increase safety, efficiency, and profitability. Developed by a team of experts and advised by experienced liquid carriers, TrueLiquid aims to fill a critical gap in the industry with a custom platform tailored to the unique needs of liquid haulers.

Liquid bulk transportation is a $52 billion global industry that spans fuels, chemicals, food-grade products, and more. TrueLiquid plans to introduce never-before-seen features for managing every step of shipping bulk liquids. The platform will equip tank haulers with innovative tools for solving load planning challenges, tracking shipments, and preventing cargo cross-contamination.

“Our team recognized a significant void in the industry and set out to build a custom solution that solves the distinct challenges tanker fleets face,” said George Thellman, Director of Business Development and Strategic Relations at TrueTMS. “While TrueLiquid is still evolving, we’re excited to begin rolling out this revolutionary platform and have big plans for its future.”

Key benefits of TrueLiquid include:

Interactive trailer diagrams that assist with accurate load planning to meet order requirements for volume, commodity, and compartment requirements.

  • All-inclusive fleet management to operate tanker equipment alongside flatbed, van, reefer, and other assets on a single platform.
  • Integrations with ELD systems for real-time tracking of driver availability and shipment status.
  • A customer portal to automate order entry, track-and-trace, and other routine communications.

Additionally, the new platform expedites the flow of data and documents to track demurrage and accessorial charges and streamline other accounting and compliance tasks. Customers can view documents for each order, such as bills of lading and scale tickets, immediately online after drivers capture scanned documents with a TrueLiquid app.

With a cloud-based SaaS architecture, TrueLiquid ensures regular deliveries of new features and upgrades. TrueLiquid comes with 24/7 support and is affordably priced via a monthly subscription. As the platform continues to evolve, TrueTMS remains committed to working closely with industry experts to refine and expand its capabilities.

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About TrueTMS
TrueTMS was founded in 2022 by a team of entrepreneurs. The company, with headquarters in Melbourne, Fla., is committed to meeting the technology needs of fleet owners to profitably grow and scale their businesses for the long haul by automating routine, mission-critical tasks. TrueTMS is reasonably priced and includes pre-built software integrations with ELDs and other third-party applications. To learn how the platform is constantly adapting to keep fleets ahead of the game, visit