The Devil is in the Details: Mastering Tanker Trucking with TrueLiquid

Demand for bulk liquid transport remains steady in 2024 compared to the broader truckload freight market. Still, tanker trucking fleets must be on guard to prevent errors from quickly eroding profit margins.

The devil is in the details, especially when hauling fuel and other flammable or hazardous liquids. A minor mishap can have severe consequences. A spill or contamination often results in costly cleanups, fines, litigation, and immeasurable damage to a company’s reputation. Other mistakes, like having out-of-date driver qualifications or hours-of-service violations, also create significant liabilities.

In a high-risk environment, tanker fleets have zero room for error. Yet mistakes frequently surface in load planning, where important details should be noticed and addressed before they cascade into bigger problems. 

Using outdated transportation management systems (TMS) increases the likelihood of errors. Fortunately, the industry has a better path forward. A new, purpose-built platform for this fast-evolving trucking segment gives tanker fleets greater control and visibility of mission-critical processes.

The Harsh Realities Facing Tanker Trucking

Technology gaps in load planning and other core TMS functions have traditionally limited tanker fleets’ ability to achieve higher levels of efficiency, customer service, and competitiveness.

Some trucking software vendors offer bulk liquid hauling capabilities through add-on modules. Many of these modules need to be updated, leaving fleets stranded with limited integrations, support, and new product development that aligns with evolving operational needs.

Liquid bulk haulers using legacy TMS platforms must address their businesses’ daily complexities and unique requirements or risk falling behind.

TrueLiquid’s Core Capabilities

As industry experts, TrueTMS leaders identified a growing need for specialized technology in liquid trucking. In response, TrueTMS developed and released a cloud-based extension for the TMS, TrueLiquid, in March 2024.

Below, we highlight the main advantages fuel haulers and other tanker fleets get when deploying the modern, purpose-built TrueLiquid platform as an all-in-one TMS solution to move orders through the full quote-to-cash lifecycle seamlessly:

  • Tank diagrams in the load planning screen that ensure proper compartment allocation to prevent contamination and optimally manage capacity
  • Order detail capture for error-free planning (e.g., temperature sensitivities), customer delivery preferences, and paperwork
  • Configurable alerts for time-sensitive, high-priority loads
  • Visual driver availability management with Gantt-style charts that show hours-of-service rest breaks, time-off requests, and more
  • Flexible trip segmenting for accurate dispatch and driver payroll/settlements. If a load is picked up and dropped at a fleet terminal for delivery by a different driver, the details for mileage, percentage, or flat rate pay structures are automatically managed
  • Configurable driver/equipment qualification and certification tracking

Maximizing Efficiency and Insights

Beyond core planning and execution capabilities, TrueLiquid has additional features for streamlining liquid bulk hauling operations and preventing errors:

  • Automated detention time tracking for accurate detention billing. The system calculates and records detention time at each stop, helping fuel haulers identify bottlenecks, manage driver hours, and support detention billing
  • Integration with tank monitoring systems for real-time inventory visibility. TrueLiquid can automatically update inventory levels and trigger reorder points to streamline the ordering process
  • Customizable driver mobile app for digitized workflows and forms

TrueLiquid’s built-in flexibility allows companies to meet specific needs and requirements and gain insights for driving continuous improvement and cost savings. New features are added rapidly through customer consultation.

As an extension of the TrueTMS platform, TrueLiquid customers with diversified operations and assets—such as dry vans and flatbeds—can use TrueTMS to manage the entire business and enjoy seamless data transfer and total visibility.

A True Partnership

Liquid bulk transport is a core focus for TrueTMS. Fuel and liquid haulers are not just a peripheral segment — they are the priority for ongoing product support and development for the innovative, future-focused TrueLiquid platform.

TrueTMS offers tank truck fleets a true partnership with a dedicated support team providing personalized attention. This white-glove service approach ensures fleets can fully utilize TrueLiquid’s capabilities to increase revenue, reduce costs, streamline logistics management, and leverage insights to improve business outcomes.

In addition to breakthrough capabilities today, tanker fleets receive an unwavering commitment from TrueTMS to continuous platform improvement without unexpected add-on costs.

Join the transformation in liquid bulk logistics as a partner with the innovative team at TrueTMS. Schedule a demo today to see how the purpose-built platform helps you confidently drive forward and succeed in a high-risk environment.