Collaborate with Us: How We’re Partnering with Innovative Liquid Haulers to Shape the Future of Dispatch and Planning Software

In the rapidly evolving world of transportation management, collaboration between software providers and industry stakeholders has become more critical than ever. At TrueLiquid, we understand that the best solutions are born from a deep understanding of our customer’s unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with innovative liquid haulers to shape the […]

TrueLiquid: The Next-Generation TMS Purpose-Built for Tanker Fleets

Liquid bulk shipping is one of the most complex and demanding sectors of the transportation and logistics industry. Tanker fleets must continually find ways to operate more efficiently and smarter to move high-value and potentially hazardous cargo safely and profitably over the road. Load planning is a central strategy for accomplishing this need. With the […]

Level Up: Tackle the Top 5 Tanker Trucking Challenges with Technology

Liquid haulers can surge forward with modern dispatch software. Liquid bulk transporters have unique challenges that can be solved with innovative and economical technologies. This article explores the benefits fleets can expect from using an advanced, cloud-based dispatch and transportation management system. 1. Ensure Safe & Accurate Delivery of Loads Safety is an ever-present concern […]

TrueTMS Launches TrueLiquid Ecosystem for Tanker Fleets

MELBOURNE, Fla. – March 12, 2024 – TrueTMS, a leading provider of transportation management systems (TMS), today announced the launch of TrueLiquid, an affordable, modern, cloud-based TMS designed specifically for tanker fleets to increase safety, efficiency, and profitability. Developed by a team of experts and advised by experienced liquid carriers, TrueLiquid aims to fill a […]

TrueTMS Family Grows: Scott Nunnari Joins as New Director of Sales

MELBOURNE, Fla. – February 14, 2024 – The TrueTMS family welcomed its newest member this week with Scott Nunnari coming on board as Director of Sales.  Scott brings over 30 years of experience in the transportation technology industry, with specialized expertise in the liquid bulk sector. He previously served as the first implementation director for […]

It’s Personal: Why is a Doctor Helping Small Fleets with Modern Trucking Tech?

It takes years of training and experience for drivers to operate 70-foot, 40-ton, 18-wheelers safely in all conditions. Running a small trucking fleet is even more challenging with less margin for error. Yet many small fleets still dispatch with pads, pencils, and spreadsheets. That’s risky business. Small companies must operate more efficiently or get squeezed […]